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Moonday Mystic by Modern Mystic Shop

Dec 22, 2019

In this class, Corinne Crofford asks, “What if your patterns of not-so-awesome behaviors were so predictable and familiar to you that you stopped judging yourself for doing them?” She explains that astrology can be a helpful tool in learning unconditional self-love because it helps you to feel seen and gives...

Dec 8, 2019

In this class, Amy Haid will guide you through how she weaves the principles of yoga and the tarot into her personal practice. She will discuss how both are valuable tools that allow for self-reflection, and allow you to embody the essence of their wisdom through practice.

Dec 1, 2019

In this class, Maia Toll hosts a discussion about the natural world and the role it plays in awakening your intuition. One of the greatest gifts of working with the natural world is realizing that you are not alone. You're surrounded by a world that whispers advice and offers direction. But, how do you learn to decipher...