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Moonday Mystic by Modern Mystic Shop

Dec 14, 2020

Welcome back to Sunday School at Modern Mystic shop. In this end-of-year wrap-up, producers Kursten Hedgis and Georgie Harris explore the energetic and astrological happenings of 2020 with Modern Mystic Shop Astrologer Corinne Crofford.

In this conversation, we explore the vulnerable moments of this year’s Saturn transits, share our most utilized mental health strategies, and offer ways that the changing world may be growing to suit more balanced priorities within the collective.

Kursten is the Modern Mystic Shop community manager and the founder of Folk Care, an Atlanta-based herbal apothecary that shares tools for ancestral assistance, mindfulness, and healing to empower people to find support along the paths of their radical healing journeys. Find Kursten on Instagram at @folkcareatl

Georgie is a long-time musician and audio-visual artist who has been reading tarot with Modern Mystic Shop since 2018. She values the ways tarot offers paradigms for understanding and stays curious about how individual exploration of the self can benefit the collective. Find Georgie on Instagram at @redribbontarot

Corinne is an Esoteric (soul-centered) astrologer who helps teach clients unconditional self-love & acceptance through her readings. A reading with Corinne delivers a unique blend of fun, humor, intuition, & empathy in order to help clients find space to learn to love their flaws & celebrate their strengths. Find Corinne on Instagram @astrofemme__