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Moonday Mystic by Modern Mystic Shop

Apr 1, 2024

See what the cards have in store for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for April 2024.

Collective: 0:00

Aries: 03:50

Taurus: 05:36

Gemini: 07:28

Cancer: 09:22

Leo: 11:28

Virgo: 12:56

Libra: 14:36

Scorpio: 16:48

Sagittarius: 18:36

Capricorn: 19:40

Aquarius: 21:45

Pisces: 23:34

Mar 1, 2024

See what the cards have in store for your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for March 2024.

Collective | 1:20

Pisces | 2:42

Aries | 5:29

Taurus | 7:20

Gemini | 9:24

Cancer | 11:04

Leo | 12:32

Virgo | 13:54

Libra | 15:12

Scorpio | 16:45

Sagittarius | 19:14

Capricorn | 20:56

Aquarius | 22:38

Feb 19, 2024

In this solo episode of MoonDay Mystic, Kelley Knight explores how our daily habits add and subtract from our energy, taking a less is more approach to the new year, and how you can do an energy audit on your life.

You can find Kelley Knight online at or on Instagram at @kelley__knight 

Feb 12, 2024

On this episode of MoonDay Mystic, Kelley chats with Modern Mystic Shop’s former neighbor in Ponce City Market, Phil Sanders. From launching Three Pennies in 2010 with his wife Anna, to fostering a community at Foster in 2014, and propelling Citizen Supply to success in 2015 and then leaving that venture after...

Feb 5, 2024

On the heels of a great year at Modern Mystic Shop, Kelley Knight decided to expand to New York City - the place she, and her ancestors, had called home. The timing felt right, and one by one all the pieces fell into place… so why didn’t it work out?

Kelley describes the wild circumstances that led her back to New...